Welcome to Tulip Town

We're the Loveliest Village Around

From Tulips to avocado toast, we’re ready to welcome you to our cozy little town. Whether you’re into the outdoors, a world-class brunch (with mimosas a-plenty), or something in-between, we can’t wait to greet you with open arms! Start planning your trip today!

Local Attractions

A Relaxing and Beautiful Town

Quaint & Quiet Cottages

Did you know we hold the world record for most vine-covered cottages in one city? It’s true! We have over 100 quaint cottages (with full gardens of course) that are ready for you and your family. Better yet, you can book your stay directly on our website!

World-Renowned Tulips

Every spring, you can visit Tulip Town and take a stroll through our spectacular tulip gardens. Tulip Town grows more varieties of tulips than anywhere in the world! Our tulips are orange, red, pink, and yellow. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot the rare black and duo colored tulips!

Photo Gallery

Take a Visual Trip Around Tulip Town